Apply for a mini block club grant.

You can get involved and shape your community by designing and implementing projects meaningful to you and your neighbors.

Grant Application Process:

  1. Resident initiated Mini-grant proposals must involve a minimum of ten people in the development and implementation of the idea. Signatures and addresses of at least ten residents from the 1-2 block area of the project site must be submitted on the application.

  2. Proposals must help to build community and get neighbors involved with the block club.  

  3. Grant funds cannot be used for food or entertainment.  

  4. Grant proposals must be submitted to NRRC for approval prior to the project/activity. 

  5. Upon NRRC approval of the application, the block club leader purchases materials.

  6. NRRC will reimburse expenses for the project for up to $500.

Sample Projects

Back to School Event

Community members came together to support children in need of school supplies. They used the funds to purchase supplies and backpacks, so youth were prepared to do what school is all about—learn!

Peace Pole

A Peace Pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays the message and prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth" on each of its four or six sides, usually in different languages. This was also a memorial to Darnell Wilkes in North Minneapolis.

Community Easter Egg Hunt

This open neighborhood event was offered for local youth to celebrate Easter. The grant covered supplies and outreach to bring joy to dozens of local kids on this special holiday.