Home Improvement Loan Program Guidelines 

The Home Improvement Loan Program is a great financing tool for Minneapolis homeowners. The loan's fixed interest rate is lower than most bank loans. Almost any home improvement project is eligible, including furnace or air conditioning replacement, insulation, new windows or doors, or general remodeling. See below for specific program requirements.  Call NeighborWorks at 651-292-8710 with questions.

For Seniors:

  • Residents age 55 and up
  • Maximum loan: $5,000
  • No monthly payments
  • Forgiven after 7 years

For Emergencies: 

  • Issues that make the home unlivable or dangerous
  • Maximum loan: $5,000
  • No monthly payment
  • Forgiven after 7 years

For repairs:

  • Single & duplex homes
  • Maximum loan: $20,000
  • Monthly payments required
  • Fixed, low interest rates
  • Must be owner-occupied