Bob and Laura Kadwell: "A Greater Good than Simply Having a Nice House"

Bob and Laura welcomed us into their home on Sheridan Avenue North, which they have been living in for 45 or 46 years (they can't agree how long!) without regret. They moved their young family into Homewood for its racial diversity and affordability, sharing stories and perspectives on the work of preserving the neighborhood's housing stock while building community. The Kadwells are quite the pair, both working with the Willard-Homewood Organization (WHO) in years past and finishing each others sentences today. WHO helped new homeowners purchase houses in Homewood through innovative programs including the Vacant Housing Taskforce and the Urban Homestead or the "dollar house" Program. Contrasting these initiatives to current affordable housing options paints a bleak picture for keeping diversity alive within Homewood. Bob and Laura hope that for all the changes to come, Homewood remains a community rather than a collection of families and homes.