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MDHR is looking to fill a position within the Department. Applications will be accepted through Nov. 19, 2018. Anyone interested in the position can view a full position description here by searching the Job ID 27808.


Mediation Program Manager (Job ID: 27808)

This position is the first of its type at MDHR and will develop, improve, expand, implement, and administer MDHR’s statewide mediation program. The person in this position will design program parameters from the ground up, communicate those parameters to stakeholders, and implement those parameters to successfully administer the mediation program, This position will also develop internal program standards and criteria, including what types of cases should be mediated, and the qualifications criteria for volunteer mediators. The position will recruit, manage, and train volunteer mediators. This position will solicit feedback from stakeholders on the mediation program and volunteer mediators’ performance. The incumbent will manage the pipeline for mediation and ensures the Department integrates mediation into the overall Enforcement work of MDHR. The person will also mediate a select number of cases.


Minimum Qualifications:

To be considered minimally qualified, you must meet the following criteria:

Licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota and be in good standing.

Must be a qualified neutral under the Minnesota General Rules of Practice Rule 114 or become one within six months of starting the position.

Working knowledge of the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Possess a theoretical and practical understanding of the dynamics alternative dispute resolution and the elements which influence the behavior and attitudes of the parties and their constituents, using this knowledge to shape and direct the mediation program.

Two years’ experience in utilizing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Excellent human relations skills; be able to clearly and effectively communicate with clients both orally and in writing; perform necessary research and calculations; and maintain control over the environment and process during mediation and trainings.

Occasional weekend and evening hours and travel are essential to the position.

Excellent time management skills.


Preferred Qualifications

Experience managing a mediation or similar ADR program is preferred.

Project management experience is preferred.


Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted through Nov. 19, 2018..

If you have any questions about this position, please contact Jodie Segelstrom at: or 651-259-3768