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Senator Champion Previews the 2019 Legislative Session

Senator Bobby Joe Champion

2303 Minnesota Senate Building

St. Paul, MN 55155 | (651) 296-9246


Date: January 10, 2019

Contact: Jackie Wegleitner

(651) 296-0475 |


Senator Champion Previews the 2019 Legislative Session


The 2019 legislative session began Tuesday, January 8. I’m excited to submit regular columns to our local papers to help keep you informed about issues that matter for Senate District 59 at our state Capitol.


I’ve worked hard since being elected to the legislature in 2008. Since being elected, I’ve worked on restoring individual’s rights to vote, partnered with AARP to redefine the definition for paid sick leave to include using this work-related benefit for those caring for an aging parent. I’ve also chief authored the bill to allow immigrants the right to drive regardless of one’s immigration status, and I continue to fight to eliminate disparities in education, health care, housing and in employment opportunities for felons and communities of color. I will continue to be a leading advocate and champion of these important initiatives in 2019.


Please check your local newspapers for updates about the state budget, my work on restore the vote, drivers’ license for all, important equity legislation, and other necessary policies. These are all issues that affect everyone living in Senate district 59, and I want to keep you informed on these and other issues as we move forward this session.


You can also subscribe to my email newsletter by visiting, find me on Facebook at and on Twitter at @BobbyJChampion. By subscribing, you will have more information on the issues that affect your daily lives.


With a new DFL Governor and House of Representatives, state lawmakers have a unique opportunity to work across party lines to do right by the people of Minnesota. Chief among our responsibilities this year is creating a new two-year state budget that adequately funds our public schools, public health care programs, and provide stable funding for transit and transportation.


According to the latest economic forecast released December 2018, Minnesota has a positive budget balance and a healthy amount saved in our reserves. However, state budget experts warn that market volatility and an aging workforce could result in an economic slowdown beginning in as little as several years. Although I want to make sure local families have the resources they need for a better life, taking a cautious approach to our budgeting process and exercising fiscal responsibility in the coming year is a priority for me. The full economic forecast is available to the public online A revised forecast is scheduled to be released later in February. 


During the next five months, people of all backgrounds from all corners of our state will flood the Capitol to advocate for the ideas and values they care about most. There are a lot of ways to get involved in the legislative process, whether you visit the Capitol to participate in a “Day on the Hill,” write a letter to your elected officials, or provide testimony for a public hearing. For a helpful guide that explains how a bill becomes a law, visit I invite you to get involved in the legislative process and play a role in improving the lives of your family and other Minnesotans by shaping your state government.  


Needless to say, my door is always open to each and every resident of our district. Please call, visit, write or email. To contact me with your ideas and feedback, you can reach me by phone at 651-296-9246 or by email at You can also mail letters or visit me in the Minnesota Senate Building, Room 2303, right across the street from the Capitol. Thank you for allowing me to represent you at the state Capitol.