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New environmental education resources from Hennepin County

Choose to Reuse articles: Learning new DIY skills and making low-waste items to eliminate plastic bags and wrap

The following new articles are available on Hennepin County Choose to Reuse to help you and your audiences learn DIY skills for the new year and reduce waste in the kitchen:

  • DIY for the environment: Learn something new in 2019 by finding a class that will help you get started on a new skill and protect the environment.

  • How to make your own beeswax wraps: Beeswax or soy wax wraps are a great way to eliminate plastic wrap in the kitchen and are surprisingly easy to make at home!

  • A guide to reusable baggies: Plastic sandwich and snack bags are another item to eliminate in the kitchen with some great reusable alternatives. This article includes things to consider when shopping for reusable baggies and resources to make your own.