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Major reports highlight unacceptable trends 

Chart from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study by Wilder Research, which shows an alarming 10 percent increase in homelessness statewide.

Major reports highlight unacceptable trends

A message from Capitol Connect:

In the past two weeks, we’ve seen the release of three major reports spotlighting unacceptable trends in Minnesota and nationwide: MHP’s State of the State’s Housing 2019, The Gap 2019 from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and preliminary results from the 2018 Minnesota Homeless Study by Wilder Research. (Read our blog on the study.) Across reports, the data tells a clear story. Our shortage of affordable homes is worsening, and more and more Minnesotans are struggling to make ends meet. These trends impact all of us, and Minnesota will be stronger when we address them. Fortunately, good solutions are within reach right now.


We can turn these trends around! 


Find your state legislators. Then, call or email them using the script below: 


Hello < Representative / Senator NAME>, my name is <NAME>, and I live at <ADDRESS>. 


More than a quarter of all Minnesotans pay more than they can afford for a home; Yet, only 2 percent of our state budget supports housing needs for Minnesotans. I’m asking you to make affordable homes a priority this legislative session. Please support the #HousingTaxCredit, Local Housing Trust Funds, and the Homes for All agenda. We need the state to be a reliable partner for affordable homes in Minnesota! Thank you! 


Contact Elizabeth Glidden when you've made your call.


Thank you for your advocacy!

Dig into the data!


MHP released State of the State's Housing 2019 last week. Download the full report, watch a short video, and explore data for your county.