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Final draft of Minneapolis 2040 Plan

The City of Minneapolis created the 2040 Comprehensive Plan with the goal to help guide equitable growth within the city over the next 20 years. On December 7, 2018, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to submit a final draft of Minneapolis 2040 to the Metropolitan Council for their review. Find the final results the 2040 plan here.  NRRC's official statement on the plan submitted in July 2018 is below. 

North Minneapolis boasts a diverse, thriving community of artists, entrepreneurs and civically engaged citizens. City sanctioned redlining and lack of investment by local government has led to the destabilization in housing and economic prosperity of long time community members. While the 2040 plan proposes solutions to increase density in all Minneapolis districts, it lacks a distinct, concentrated plan addressing the disparities unique to our area of the city. Over the years, Northside has been home to a myriad of marginalized communities. African-Americans, along with Latino, Asian, and Jewish immigrants on the Northside have experienced predatory lending, gentrification, inaccessible resources and more on a disproportionate level. Action steps in the 2040 plan imply an extreme increase in development that, while serving as a benefactor for the potential influx of future Minneapolis residents, does little to remedy the pre-existing critical conditions of the Northside for its current residents. In moving forward with the 2040 plan, NRRC asked for controlled, localized development that acknowledges the demographics and current conditions of the Northside, ultimately bettering its existing residents. Due to the uniqueness of the area, an individualized plan to meet the social and economic needs of this community is in order.