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North High School Construction Project Updates

The Minneapolis Public School Board of Education approved the contract for proceeding with North High School’s construction project.


To keep everyone informed about the progress of the construction at North, the project’s website will be updated periodically. On that page, people can sign up to receive email alerts of progress during construction. I encourage you to sign up for the updates as you can repurpose this information to share with your community.


Since we are closing in on the start date for North’s remodeling, I wanted to share the following information that you may use to inform your staff and families.


North High School is set to start construction the first week of May in areas that are not being used for instruction with an anticipated completion date of August, 2019. We are excited about the new changes to the building and have highlights outlined below:


Scope of Work

·         Replace the public address, fire alarm, and clocks systems completely

·         Replace flooring in limited areas of the building


Neighborhood Impacts

·         Increased traffic to North High School beginning in May.

·         Contractor parking in North High School parking lots during the summer


Project Schedule

·         Commences: May 1, 2019

·         Completes: ready for school in August 2019, final completion by end of 2019.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

The African American Family Preservation and Child Welfare Disproportionality Act (HF342/SF730)

The African American Family Preservation and Child Welfare Disproportionality Act (HF342/SF730)

The African American Family Preservation and Child Welfare Disproportionality Act (HF342/SF730) has received a hearing in the House Health & Human Service Finance Division TODAY Thursday March 28th at 12:45pm.  It is very important that we pack the room and make sure legislators know that we support this bill that aims to tackle the racial disparities that exist in the child welfare system. This is the last stop in the House before it goes to Conference Committee. Since the Senate companion bill did not make it through all of its committee stops, it is extremely important that community members are present to echo the importance of this legislation.

North Minneapolis Business Summit 

North Minneapolis Business Summit 

The University of Minnesota's Northside Job Creation Team (NJCT) will host a first-ever business summit focused on the nuts and bolts of employee hiring and retention in North Minneapolis. The event will take place at UROC, 2001 Plymouth Avenue N., Minneapolis, Minn.

The summit will feature a panel of area employers who have overcome talent recruitment and retention barriers by working with members of the NJCT, a collaboration of more than 30 public, private, and nonprofit partners with a mission to create sustainable jobs in North Minneapolis. Guests will gain practical insights into proven solutions used in businesses of all sizes, across many local industries.

The event is hosted by the University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center in partnership with the NJCT Workforce Task Force Co-chairs Nerita Hughes and Marie Larson. 

The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required.

Major reports highlight unacceptable trends 

Major reports highlight unacceptable trends 

More than a quarter of all Minnesotans pay more than they can afford for a home; Yet, only 2 percent of our state budget supports housing needs for Minnesotans. I’m asking you to make affordable homes a priority this legislative session. Please support the #HousingTaxCredit, Local Housing Trust Funds, and the Homes for All agenda. We need the state to be a reliable partner for affordable homes in Minnesota! Thank you! 

Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief

Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief


  • Median rents compared year-over-year.

  • The income required to rent a place based on current rent prices.

  • Vacancies by building type (Apartment, House, Townhome, etc).


  • A comparison of rents in tax credit properties vs. market rate properties.

  • The number of NOAH vacancies.

  • The % of vacancies affordable by income level (30% - 100% AMI)

Subsidized Housing

  • The number of listings that will accept a Housing Choice Voucher.

  • The number of vouchers forfeited. 

  • The number of subsidized waiting list openings.