PTSD Among Aging Adults

Getting treated earlier rather than later is crucial if you are dealing with PTSD or LOSS. The reason for this is because the symptoms for both can get worse with age. Addressing the issue now may help curb them from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Early treatment may also help to improve your family life. Those suffering from PTSD may pull away from loved ones for no clear reason or have difficulty getting along with people in general. They may even be violent or aggressive. If you are able to get help with your PTSD symptoms early on, not only will you be able to live a better life sooner, but your family and close friends will also benefit from it. Last but not least, PTSD can also be related to other health issues. For example, studies have shown that heart failure is linked to PTSD. Active treatment for your PTSD could improve your physical health in the long run.

Hennepin County Treatment for Chemical Addiction

Treatment for chemical addiction

Chemical health services are available to Hennepin County residents who have problems with drug or alcohol abuse and meet income guidelines, or who have been referred by the court.

Services are available directly from a variety of health care and social services providers. Most programs are culturally diverse and offer different treatment models.

Services include:

  • Chemical use assessments

  • Detoxification

  • Referrals to Rule 31 chemical dependency treatment programs for high, medium, and low-intensity inpatient and outpatient treatment services, supportive housing, and case management

  • Other support services

Private insurance may not cover all or some chemical health services. Services may be paid for with public funding if the recipient is financially eligible. This includes minors, who almost always are eligible if they have private or no insurance.

Hennepin County Health Care Assistance

You can apply and shop online for healthcare coverage by visiting or by calling 1-855-3MNsure (1-855-366-7873) for more information, including the names of community agencies that can help you apply or provide language assistance.

There are self-service computers available for people to apply for MNsure at Hennepin County human services office locations.

If you need health care coverage right now, you can download an application from the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. 

Minnesota Health Care Programs application