Bud Brophey: Building with a Purpose

Mr. Brophey moved to Homewood in 1975 with the intentional desire to "try and be part of changes that needed to be made in Minneapolis". He, like many others, moved to Homewood because of the housing opportunity and a desire to live in a diverse community. An active member of the Willard-Homewood organization, Mr. Brophey was a part of the vacant housing taskforce which partnered with the Housing Authority to rehabilitate many of the houses left after the flight of Jewish families from Homewood. We talked about the various government and community programs that homeowners were able to tap into to purchase and repair their homes in previous years, and how politics got in the way of that. Many of the beautiful homes still standing in the community likely wouldn't be there today were it not for the neighborly efforts of residents like Mr. Brophey.