Beverly Propes: Fighting for the Health of the Community

We got to sit down with Beverly Propes at UROC (the University of Minnesota's Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center). Mrs. Propes, a public health nurse and fixture of the Homewood neighborhood, was able to shed light on Homewood from the perspective of a former St. Paul resident. A public servant, Mrs. Propes has "always taken on projects that have helped me to have a voice in what needs to be done in this community." We talked about the strong spirit of civic engagement in Homewood, from voting together to organizing the Juneteenth celebration dating back 25 years. All of this political power is crucial in the face of the persistent disparities, especially health disparities, that keep Mrs. Propes involved and continuing to build a community where all children and families can thrive.

Beverly Propes.JPG