Lynnea Atlas-Ingebreston: "It's a collective responsibility to one another"

Lynnea Atlas-Ingebreston, a child of the neighborhood and former organizer in the community, shared her perspective of growing up and later working in Homewood. From Lynnea’s perspective, after the flight of the Jewish homeowners to St. Louis Park, the community in Homewood was intentionally built, with a practice of cooperation and a spirit of equity and creativity. These attributes, which make Homewood so desirable today, weren’t rooted in the values of a particular economic class but rather in the deeply held beliefs of the residents, neutral of income. With the housing crisis of 2008 and the tornado of 2011, the neighborhood has experienced major changes including rapid gentrification. Lynnea believes that crucial pieces for Homewood's continued success are empathy, intersectionality, intentionality, and diversity.

P.S. - Lynnea is incredibly knowledgeable about the original design of the Homewood neighborhood – check out the interview and transcript below for more.